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About Us


About Us

Special Biochem Pvt Ltd, is a professional company, dealing in different types of biofertilizer products .We are one of the eminent manufacturers of organic fertilizer. The company was established a decade ago, and since then we have gained continuous success to become a prestigious name in the bio fertilizer industry. Through rigorous research and development, the company is coming with latest formulations and compositions of organic fertilizers for plant growth and development. These fertilizers are scientifically formulated for current competitive market. Special Biochem Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and Crisil rated company.

Robust growth in very ethical way of Special Biochem Pvt Ltd. is due to one reason- its two directors.


Special Biochem Pvt Ltd our company is brainchild of Dr. N.S.Sonare. Her acute business visionary approach has assisted us in becoming the reliable and successful manufacturers in market. She is Master in Business Management (Human resource and Marketing). Dr. N.S.Sonare, a Doctorate in Management has inclination for research, always wanted to start her own venture with something based on research work. Started with vermi compost, today company is heading towards with best bio fertilizer products in the market. Under her guidance, we have created long lasting & fruitful relationship with our customers.


Dr.S.S.Sonare, a Doctorate in Chemistry, has years of experience and contributed several innovative products in the agricultural field. He has been involved with many research work .His support is vital strength of company. He traveled to Israel to study different pattern of agriculture.

Special Biochem Pvt ltd. employs skilled and responsive workforce, who are responsible and accountable for their job profile. Efficient marketing professionals promote our brand and address all the product related queries of our customers.

Special Biochem Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and marketers of Micro Nutrients, Bio-Organic Manure, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, and Bio-Activators from Amravati, Maharashtra, India.


The Company products are very popular among the farming community in the country. We have products for almost all the crops viz. Agricultural, Horticultural, Plantation crops, Fruits and Vegetables. The products are field tested and certified by various agricultural research institutions and universities in the country.Special Biochem Pvt Ltd realized the poor condition of the soil as a result of high usage of Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides and Weedicides. All the useful micro organisms present in the soil have been totally destroyed and also due to low carbon content, the soil structure has been totally destroyed. The focus is now to enriching the soil health by organic manure and providing balance nutrition i.e. not only NPK, but also secondary nutrients and Micro Nutrients to the crop, in a great initiation by the Government. This is complimenting the dedicated work in the interest of the farming community in particular and the nation in general. The Food Security Mission and the National Horticulture Mission have included micro-nutrients and also Bio-Fertilizers in their package other than the NPK Fertilizers. Anticipating and identifying the problems of the farmers and to provide adequate remedy and suggestions, is the work-culture of the company.


Special Biochem Pvt Ltd. Recruited quality work force as Sales Officers and Field Officers offering technical services to the farming community. The group's products are marketed through marketing network of all branches, with efficient Sales Staff and chain of Distributors spread across the country.The products are also, being marketed by various State Marketing Federations, Fertilizer Industries, Agro Industries, Sugar Factories, many states and other reputed Companies.